Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take Warning Presents Strung Out w/ Such Gold and Handguns @ El Corazon

First, I've loved Strung Out since I was 13 and they've been part of my life's soundtrack ever since, so shooting them was a huge pleasure and honor.  Thanks to Ian at Take Warning for setting me up with this show.  Second, I hate flat tires, especially ones that happen as I am leaving to go to a show due to some shitty person who put a screw under my car.  It just puts a damper on the whole evening.  Eventually my wife and I got on the road, at a slow pace mind you due to the fact we drove from West Seattle to downtown on a spare tire.  We arrived at El Corazon a couple songs into Handguns, who were in full force and doing what they do well.  Also, for some reason the drummer from Such Gold pulled double duty and filled in for their absent drummer.  After they left the stage we decided to check out the bar and got some beer, a much needed treat after dealing with the previously mentioned stress.  To the people at Ninkasi Brewing, your Spring Reign is a fine addition to your already amazing lineup of beers.  Next up was Such Gold, a band I know nothing about, but they definitely brought it and the crowd was eating it up.  And finally after a short intermission Strung Out took the stage.  As always they did not let down, even with a few technical issues.  They soldiered on and played through Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues and Twisted By Design in full.    My sincere apologies go out to The Loss for not being able to make it in time.  If you are interested you can check them out in my previous post where they owned the stage like veterans when they opened for Death By Stereo.  For those of you who are interested if you get to the end of the post there are some pretty sweet stage dive shots, so make sure you check out the Handguns portion of this post. Without further ado here is the evidence of what happened.

Strung Out

Such Gold