Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Another day on the ocean and we arrived in Livorno to catch a bus to Pisa.  To be honest Pisa is pretty much just the tower, so don't make more than a day of it if you plan to visit Italy.   We spent two hours, which was more than enough to look at it from as many angles as you can imagine.

The next day we arrived in Civitavecchia, the port for Rome, no worries if you can't pronounce either can I.  This was the one port that we bought an excursion for and we're glad we did.  The drive from the port to Rome is over an hour.  We were dropped off at the Colosseum, where we met the guide who lead us to Trevi fountain.  After about 30 minutes of free time we went to a restaurant and had pasta.  Then we were driven back to the ship.

A couple more nights on the ship and we finally made it to Venice, also known as the on foot portion of our trip.  Cruise ships are an interesting way to travel, I enjoyed all of the included food and some of the entertainment was fun, but I like trains and planes more.   

This also started the only wearing heavy coats and freezing weather portion of our trip as well, which is evident in the snow on the roofs in the first picture from Venice.  We had a whole day to spend in Venice, because instead of booking a hotel we decided to take a night train to Vienna.  That might seem like a smart idea, but it isn't especially since the Venice train station is outside so it was freezing cold.  The bed's also tiny and not a very comfortable way to sleep.

Well enough of me, here's the pictures.




Up Next Vienna and more snow.

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