Monday, June 24, 2013

The Passing of a Fleeting Moment That Might Be Grasped Again

To those of you who know me, you know I grew up in southern Orange County, Mission Viejo to be precise. From a young age I knew I was different, whether it be a lack of interest in sports or an affinity for all things horror related at a young age. My weirdness manifested itself when I was a teenager in the form of black nail polish, black band shirts, an insatiable interest in anything counter culture and most importantly my love for all other freaks, weirdos and misfits. In a place such as Mission Viejo, at a high school like Trabuco Hills we stood out like a puss filled sore on the landscape of mall bought labels and "perfection".

The reason for this musing is simple, another meeting place for the misplaced has bitten the dust. I am referring to Unit B, half skate park half DIY music venue. I have only attended one show at Unit B and I thought Orange County finally had a venue that wasn't invested so much in making a profit as much as it was in maintaining a culture. Now I know that bills must be paid and that is why something like this may never last for much longer than a small moment in time.

 It is possible if a venue like 924 Gilman is examined. Perhaps it's the required membership card or the Bay Area's overall acceptance of counter cultures. I am not the first person to write about that venue, nor am I the best voice to analyze it. I am just discussing this concept of a hub for all of us weirdos and freaks maintaining for longer than it would take for a baby born on opening day to be in first grade before the shutters are permanent. What was the cause of the lack of sustainability? I am not even going to put any of my ideas into the ether, seeing as I attended one show I don't think I have enough insight into how it was run, what an average night was like or how it functioned beyond a less than packed friday night show.

 I say we continue on and open another venue, maybe not the size of Unit B, but on the same low cost, local scene principles as well as figuring out how to make a non profit cultural institution. I will leave you alone and just let you look at some of the only pictures I will ever take at Unit B.

 - Mike

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